Tyler The Creator - Bastard

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Tyler The Creator - Bastard


Transparent Red

The debut mixtape from 2010. The one that got him banned from Australia. Then banned from the UK.

"This is where things get great. Bastard is a minor masterpiece of shock art and teenage spleen-vent, a spiritual cousin of some of the most misanthropic tantrums that the L.A. hardcore scene produced 30 years earlier. But it's also a beautifully put-together piece of work, one that lays out its position right away and then does everything it can to keep you uncomfortable.

More importantly, though, Bastard is just a straight-up great rap album, the first from the Odd Future camp. Tyler's beats move with a warped fluidity, running the loungey swooshes of late-period Neptunes through a grimy basement-punk sensibility. The other members of the now-whole crew show up for quick, effective cameos, getting in and out without overstaying their welcome and offering much-needed respites from Tyler's constant rage. On fired-up tracks like "French" and "Tina", the group builds up the rowdy, fuck-the-world energy of someone like Waka Flocka Flame, except they still sound like kids fucking around in a basement when they're doing it. All in all, this is a landmark album in the quickly-evolving kids-posting-rap-music-online universe. Terrifyingly, a few hundred kids are probably attempting to make their own versions of it as you read this."

- Pitchfork


01. "Bastard"
02. "Seven"
03. "Odd Toddlers" (featuring Casey Veggies)
04. "French!" (featuring Hodgy Beats)
05. "Blow"
06. "Pigs Fly" (featuring Domo Genesis)
07. "Parade"
08. "Slow It Down" (featuring Hodgy Beats)
09. "AssMilk" (featuring Earl Sweatshirt)
10. "VCR/Wheels"
11. "Session" (featuring Hodgy Beats & BrandUn DeShay / Mike G)
12. "Sarah"
13. "Jack and the Beanstalk"
14. "Tina" (featuring Jasper Dolphin & Taco Bennett)
15. "Inglorious"