Nirvana - Into The Black: Demos '88-'90

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Nirvana - Into The Black: Demos '88-'90


Tracks 1-12 - from a band made compilation of songs from two Reciprocal Recording sessions on January 23, 1988, and summer 1988, with the exception of "Escalator to Hell" which was recorded on a 4-track at the Cobain residence in 1988. "Escalator to Hell", "Mr. Moustache", "Spank Thru" and "Sifting" remain unreleased.

Tracks 13-19 - recorded at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin, in April 1990. They were taken from a cassette Nirvana was sending to record labels in 1990 after the original intention for release as the second Sub Pop album was scrapped.

1. "Aero Zeppelin"
2. "Escalator to Hell" (short version)
3. "Beeswax"
4. "Mexican Seafood"
5. "Pen Cap Chew"
6. "Mr. Moustache" (early version)
7. "Blandest"
8. "Downer"
9. "Floyd the Barber" (original mix)
10. "Paper Cuts" (original mix)
11. "Spank Thru"
12. "Sifting" (instrumental version)
13. "In Bloom"
14. "Breed"
15. "Pay to Play"
16. "Polly" (original mix)
17. "Dive" (original mix)
18. "Lithium" (Take #6)
19. "Sappy"