Nine Inch Nails - Live ‘94

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Nine Inch Nails - Live ‘94


Nine Inch Nails - Live from The Forum, UK
Recorded live 26th May 1994

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Introducing the exclusive limited edition cassette tape of Nine Inch Nails Live at The Forum in 1994, a must-have collector's item for any hardcore fan of industrial music. This iconic concert marked a turning point in the band's career as they embarked on a worldwide tour in support of their groundbreaking album, "The Downward Spiral."

Featuring an electrifying setlist including hits like "Closer," "March of the Pigs," and "Head Like a Hole," this raw and unfiltered recording captures the intensity and energy of NIN's live performances. Trent Reznor's signature vocals and hard-hitting instrumentation blend to create a sonic experience that will leave you breathless.

Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
The Only Time
Get Down Make Love
Down In It
Big Man With a Gun
Head Like a Hole
Dead Souls
Help Me I'm In Hell
Happiness in Slavery