Childish Gambino - Culdesac

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Childish Gambino - Culdesac


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1. "Difference" 4:28
2. "Hero" 4:22
3. "I Be on That" 3:53
4. "Got This Money" 4:58
5. "So Fly" 3:45
6. "You Know Me" 3:46
7. "Let Me Dope You" 3:32
8. "Do Ya Like" 4:37
9. "I'm Alright" 1:45
10. "Glory" 3:12
11. "Fuck it All" 4:40
12. "I'm on It" 3:30
13. "Put It in My Video" 3:15
14. "These Girls" (featuring Garfunkel and Oates) 3:30
15. "The Last" 3:12


The mixtape that properly started it all for Donald Glover's music career.

"Mixing b-boy braggadocio and cunning wordplay, it details a specific worldview with numerous references to being a social outcast, experiencing trouble with women, getting punked out while growing up, as well as Glover’s mom’s abiding concern that he’ll turn into “the black Heath Ledger.” The album’s alterna-rock-augmented beats and emo-level of emotional rawness, meanwhile, are shot through with surprisingly legitimate R&B vocals also sung by Glover, making “Culdesac” an unexpected delight: a sung-rapped cri de coeur that’s as accomplished as any indie hip-hop released this year." - L.A. Times